Sunday, 25 October 2009

Pray you, let's hit together.
Pray you, let us sit together.
Pray you, let us fit together.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

u n f o l d i n g

Friday, 9 October 2009

Performed by: Lucy Beynon / Philip Bosworth / Ollie Evans / Irum Fazal / Jeremy Hardingham / Emma Hogan / Lisa Jeschke / Jonny Liron / Chris O'Rourke / Jonathan Styles

With music by: Eric White & Jonathan Styles

Direction & editing: Jeremy Hardingham

A few explanations: A company of artists ~performers & musicians from various disciplines~ collaborate in reading, playing & enacting one of Mr William Shakes-peare's great divided master-works. The texts we use are a newly configured edit which presents the quarto of 1608 and the folio of 1623 together. So sometimes a scene itself falls into a dialogue of its own division:

You have heard of the news abroad?
I mean, the whispered ones, for they are yet but ear-kissing arguments.
Not I. Pray you, what are they?
They are yet but ear-bussing arguments.

This is a collaborative piece of work which intends to be a committed inquiry into text and performance. Also it is a clown show, a great stage of fools. We call it 'UNFOLDING King Lear' because the work is not about definitive readings or interpretations, nor is it about closing down on the perpetual questions of what it means to be a play, or a person, or a thing.

These performances are prepared collapsing together our combined disciplines in performance, art, puppetry, dance, improvised music, critical inquiry & personal curiosity. So the players are at odds as well as at one with one another, in humour and in body, as they make something in front of you: reading from the page but also by heart, playing and questioning what it is to play a play ...